Technology – Dimming

TRIAC vs. 0-10V Lutron Dimming

 TRIAC Dimming

  • Mechanical dimming system
  • Adjusts brightness of light by varying the voltage supplied to the lamp
  • Used for simple smooth dimming functionality
  • Inexpensive to implement
  • Low maintenance and long lasting
  • ThinkLite LED Tubes can be made with TRIAC capabilities built into the tube, upon request
  • Installation process remains unchanged when installing dimmable LED tubes (diagram below)


Using a mechanical (TRIAC) device on a 0-10V dimming system
could lead to malfunction or even destruction of the device. It
is important to understand the existing systems in place in
order to offer the correct solution for each project.

0-10V Lutron Dimming

  • Digital, electronic-based dimming system
  • Uses a series of logic gates and complex circuitry to regulate light output
  • Ideal for environments with programmed timers, motion and/or photo sensors
  • Can be controlled remotely or wirelessly through various (network) devices
  • Require a special dimmable ballast when used with fluorescent tubes
  • ThinkLite offers tubes compatible with 0-10V Lutron systems (installation diagram on other side)
  • The main advantage in retrofitting current fixtures with ThinkLite dimmable LED tubes is that all predefined settings and rules on existing systems will remain intact after the upgrade is complete.

TL T8 LED Tube 1-10V Dimmable Installation Instructions

  • Disconnect power connected to the fixture AT SOURCE. DO NOT SIMPLY SWITCH OFF FIXTURE.
  • Remove existing fluorescent tubes and safely set aside.
  • Bypass the ballast and remove the starter (if any) within the bracket by cutting the wires that connect from the power source to the MeanWell Power Source supplied.
  • Connect the output wires from the MeanWell Power Source directly to the sockets.
  • Connect the MeanWell Power Source to the dimmer switch as shown in the diagram below:
  • Install the ThinkLite LED tube into fixture.
  • Re-connect the power supply and turn on the switch. Tube will light.


  • Installation must be by a qualified electrician/technician.
  • Consult a competent electrician if you have any uncertainty about the installation.
  • Do not impact the tube and all its components by any external weight or mechanical force.
  • Do not use harp tools near or on the surface of the tube.
  • Switch off the power before installation.
  • Hands must be dry during installation.
  • Use or store the tubes in dry places