TL LED T5 Premium Tube

At 160 lumens per watt, ThinkLite LED tubes are the most efficient in the industry and therefore use the least amount of energy in your retrofit applications. They are easily and safely installed in fluorescent fixtures by simply bypassing the ballast and inserting the tube into the existing shunted or non-shunted sockets. The T5 line is available in several wattages, shapes and lengths. With its high effi cacy, it is ideal for reducing the number of tubes used per fixture (delamping).

Features of TL LED T5 Premium Tube:

• Proprietary driverless LED technology
• Reduced energy consumption by 50%
• Vibration and impact resistant
• Longer lifespan (65,000 hours)
• 5 year warranty
• No harmful UV rays
• Instant on / off


Wattage Range : 7W / 14W /26W
Voltage : 85V - 277V
Power Factor : >0.99
ProjOperational Frequency : 50Hz - 60Hz
Base Type : G5
Efficacy : 160 LM/W
Temperature Range : -35°C to 55°C
CRI : 93+
Lumen Depreciation : 95% at 65,000 hours
Download : TL LED T5 Premium Tube_1.pdf Download : TL LED T5 Premium Tube_2.pdf Download : TL LED T5 Premium Tube_3.pdf