ThinkLite Project Reference : Sukhumvit Park, Bangkok - Marriott Executive Apartments

ThinkLite replaced traditional lighting to LED for this property in a pay as you save program. After mock up, it was clear that ThinkLite could provide lighting that will save energy, save money, and maintain the desired ambiance the luxury serviced apartment required. Since many Marriott properties want to use their funds to improve customer experience, they did not have a big budget all at once to improve their lighting efficiency. At ThinkLite, we understand that. The project formed in the shape of a pay as you save program. The customer pays ThinkLite a percentage of their savings per month until the project value is reached. This way, the customer saves money, goes green, with ZERO upfront costs. There was no additional monthly expense incurred for this project as well, since the savings are used to pay the monthly installments.