ThinkLite introduces the first LED MR16 capable of actually replicating halogen light levels when replaced one for one. The MR16 Lamp is designed using ThinkLite’s antiglare technology, which creates uniform light. As a result, glare spots on the ground are completely eliminated, unlike most LED lamps on the market.

ThinkLite’s unique design eliminates long term color shifts and increases lifespans to 50,000 hours. 

Features of TL LED MR16:

• Reduced energy consumption by 90%
• 5 year warranty
• No harmful UV rays
• Instant on / off
• Dimmable (Dimmer Specifi cation Required)


Wattage Range : 3.5W
Voltage : 24VDC
Power Factor : >0.99
ProjOperational Frequency : 50Hz - 60Hz
Base Type : GU5.3
Efficacy : 115 Lm/W
Temperature Range : -35°C to 55°C
CRI : 93+
Lumen Depreciation : 95% at 50,000 hours
Download : TL LED MR16_1.pdf